Year Rounders

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Suncook Lager

Suncook is a Pre-Prohibition lager made with corn, an old world barley called six row, and Hallertau hops.  Light and refreshing this beer is a great year round lager 

IBU 31

SRM 3.3

ABV 5.0%

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Nymph Belgian Blonde

This is our Belgian Blonde. The grain bill is very traditional, then we add New Zealand hops for a zesty fruit note.  This beer is light, refreshing and crisp, equally at home on the slopes in winter or mowing your lawn in the summer.


IBU 25

SRM 3.0

ABV 4.0%

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Albino Moose IPA

Albino Moose is a fusion of New Zealand Hops, Belgian yeast and lots of Rye. Our IPA mixes peach and stone fruit aromas and pineapple flavors bring you a light and refreshing beer.

IBU 67

SRM 4.8

ABV 6.7%

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Bear Brook Brown

Bear Brook Brown is a London Style Brown Ale, one of the lost English beers eclipsed by its more modern brown siblings. By mixing tradition and our “Odd” methods, Bear Brook Brown is a smooth, nutty, easy drinking brown ale


IBU 18

SRM 25

ABV 3.5%

Vow Of Silence FINAL -  Tap Magnet.jpeg
Vow of Silence

Our take on a Belgian Tripel. It has a lightly spicy, yeast driven flavor profile that defines the style.-Smooth and easy to drink, this old world combination of grains, noble hops and our tinkering helps makes this a delicious beer to sip with friends and family for any occasion.

IBU 21

SRM 3.6

ABV 10.4%


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Wanderlust Wheat

Wanderlust Wheat is made true to the Bavarian Weissebier style.  Using a unique Bavarian yeast that provides the aromas of banana and clove with a hint of spice.  We hope you enjoy welcoming the warmth and sunshine of spring with our Bavarian offering!

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Sandman Stout
Winter Seasonal

Sandman Stout is a light bodied stout made with oats and rye for flavor and body. Coffee and chocolate notes wend their way through your palate without being overwhelming 

IBU 34

SRM 33

ABV 5.4%

Retired 2021